# Are you a certified financial planner?


# Where to I start?

Use the start here page.

# How should I use the information presented?

You should continue to research ideas you find here. Personal finance is like martial arts, we are all students.

Do not make any financial decision until you understand the risks. If you're consuming a financial product or service, always ask how they are making their money.

# Do you have any regrets you'd share with a young saver?

Take risks. I was too cautious when I first started saving. I didn't do my homework and opened a savings account that was earning a measly 0.05% in interest. While you should have a savings account or money market account for an emergency fund, using that vehicle is terrible for growing your savings for retirement or large purchases (house, college).

# Is anyone paying for your commentary?

No, everything on this site regarding companies and financial products are based on my own research and experiences.

# I don't agree with what you've presented?

That's fine. There are a lot of ways to approach personal financial. In some cases, you may have learned something I have not. Awesome! You should share your idea.

# I want more information on something you didn't write about yet.

I only write about things I have personal experience with and where I feel there are lessons worth sharing. If I have limited or no experience with something, I'm not going to post about it. For example, you won't see me write about cryptocurrency since I don't plan on becoming active in that space.

Last Updated: 6/25/2018, 5:05:09 AM